Airline strategies consulting & advisory services for global airlines & airports

<H1>Airline strategies for global airlines and airports. We are a New York-based provider of consulting and advisory services to the global airline, airports &amp; related industries.</H1>






Airline/Aircraft Projects Inc. [AAP Inc.] is a provider of consulting & advisory services to the air transport and related industries.

Clients include:

• airlines

• airports

• investors

• lenders

• governments.

The focus is on analyzing, harnessing and shaping airline strategies in the global competitive context.

AAP Inc. was founded by Craig Jenks in 1985, and has been providing global airline industry consulting services consistently since then.

All work is carefully tailored to individual client needs.

AAP Inc. is based in New York City and incorporated as Airline/Aircraft Projects Inc. under New York law.

AAP Inc. focuses equally on airline strategies both specifically in the US, and for global airlines and airports.
It often adds value where US to non-US linkage, mediation or comparison is required.

AAP Inc. has been consistently innovative, especially in how it harnesses industry data.


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