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AAP Inc. focuses on airline strategies

• Interpreting what airlines and related parties are seeking

Marketplace objectives of particular airlines, governments, airports [or others] are benchmarked and interpreted by AAP Inc. in relation to overall key industry trends

• Simulating the impact of strategies

Business models in the airline industry are rapidly changing: AAP Inc. can assist you in projecting likely near- or medium-term changes.

• Forecasting future strategies

Globalization is as [or more] dynamic in airlines as any other industry: the challenge is to figure out and model where it is all leading.

• Identifying synergies between your objectives and actual airline strategies

The strategy may already be in place, but there may be opportunities for synergy between that strategy and your own.

• Assisting in the definition of a strategy

The need may be to actually define the strategy, or assist its definition. This need can be fully addressed.

The consulting client is often a non-airline party seeking to reach out to airlines, and we also work for airlines on their own [or other airline] strategies.

If the work requires analyzing a strategy, AAP Inc. goes into a research mode, deploying our strong information and modeling resources.

If the work requires creating a strategy, AAP Inc. goes into planning mode.

If the work requires impacting a strategy, AAP Inc. goes into negotiating mode, deploying our strong cross-disciplinary industry contact network and ability to persist in reaching the right people.


• Airline network analysis and planning

- focus on relationship of overall strategy & business model to specific network plans
- O & D versus Hub scheduling [and its current dynamic evolution into new forms]
- connectivity in low frequency networks
- rolling hub scheduling concepts

• Market analysis and strategy for global airlines and airports

- competitive analysis
- O & D and/or connecting traffic opportunities

• Market consolidation versus fragmentation analysis and strategy

- at the route level
- at the airport level
- at the industry level

• AAP Inc. has specialized knowledge of and expertise in these market regions

- US
- Europe
- Asia
- Caribbean and Latin America

• Aircraft & fleet parameters

- fleet scheduling/planning tools
- expertise in assessing optimal "fit" of aircraft to network
- aircraft marketplace knowledge & skills.
- aircraft leasing markets
- operating lessor airline strategies


Much of our consulting work has US versus non-US dimensions. It might be just comparison and benchmarking, or a negotiating/mediating process between parties.

We help US parties trying to understand complex non-US situations, and vice versa non-US parties trying to learn from US experience or reach out to US interests.

This all reflects Craig Jenks' own mix of US and non-US background and perspectives on the one hand, and on the other the industry's very global nature.

And the fact is that trends in US airline strategies often appear in Europe a few years later, and then elsewhere later still.


AAP Inc. is called on for brainstorming of non-obvious solutions in challenges with no clear precedent or decision matrix in its global airlines and airports context.

The solution may require what we call implausible linkage. That is, non-obvious synergy between apparently unrelated interests. Linking for example:
     - different types of business
     - discrete functional areas [marketing, finance, operations]
     - diverse geographic regions
     - industries that wouldn't often interact.

AAP Inc. has a proven track record in this kind of creative linkage. Specific examples relevant to your own interests will be provided on request.


New York City location gives AAP Inc. these marketplace advantages:

• ideal for US/non-US comparison & mediation

NYC has been and still is very much a bridge between heartland USA and the world at large, especially Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. This enhances AAP Inc.'s own orientation to global airlines and airports.

• location of many industry events good for both informational and contact purposes

- the renowned Wings Club
- CEO/CFO investor presentations
- numerous other industry gatherings

• proximity to the financial pulse

The emphasis here is on that basic question: "is this company [or venture] profitable?"

• dynamic, stimulating environment conducive to fresh perspectives

NYC leads in many "knowledge-based" industries: this provides a great stimulus to awareness of leading-edge innovation directly or indirectly relevant to air transport.


AAP Inc.'s founder Craig Jenks obtained a Ph.D. in Social & Political Science from the London School of Economics in 1976. Normally not something to publicize, but it is actually a distinct plus for clients. How?

Because it helps us look at new assignments in a conceptually very rigorous way. At the outset of any project AAP Inc. attends carefully to defining the right questions as well as the best structure/architecture for the work.

This facilitates processing the large amounts of information which we like to seek out, especially in the project's launch phase.

AAP Inc. typically allows for as much complexity as the assignment requires, but then gives the client the simplest & clearest possible final output.


Airline/Aircraft Projects Inc. offers:

• Domestic US route traffic data

US DoT and other sources

• International route traffic data

CRS MIDT data [or alternatives]

• Demographic data

GIS catchment area analysis
Ethnic migrant population data

• Aircraft appraisal

Formal assessments [ISTAT rules]

• Aircraft lease analysis/structuring

Financial and operating lease expertise

• Wet leasing

Full-service, short-term wet leasing

• Information technology

Comprehensive software expertise

• Business plan financial analysis

New venture financial planning.

These functions are mostly outsourced to suppliers well-known to us, who work to our detailed specifications. All work is integrated into the final product.


Craig Jenks is regularly invited to participate in industry conferences and seminars (list of presentations available on request). Subjects include airline strategies, hub versus network scheduling, aircraft leasing marketplace trends and the impact of low-cost carriers on global airlines and airports.

E-mail: info@aap.aero

Phone: 212.475.3449